Meaning of demerge in English:

Pronunciation /diːˈməːdʒ/

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[with object]British
  • Separate (a business) from another, particularly to dissolve an earlier merger.

    ‘the company announced plans to demerge its multimedia subsidiary’

    • ‘they demerged from the rest of the firm’
    • ‘It would almost certainly mean that one of the new demerged businesses would become less attractive to a potential purchaser.’
    • ‘But in the wake of global collapse in silicon chip prices, the business was demerged earlier this year.’
    • ‘That document announced plans to take the glass making business private and demerge it from the public company.’
    • ‘The management plans to demerge the bar/night club business from the intellectual property side once both businesses have reached critical mass.’
    • ‘Those who know him believe that if he could deliver more value for shareholders by demerging the groups two divisions - food, and home and personal care - he would do so.’
    • ‘One obvious example of this linkage is when a company chooses to demerge one or a group of its businesses.’
    • ‘In fact bid rumours have been constantly circling ever since it first announced the plan to demerge the company last year.’
    • ‘Earlier this year he caused a storm when he said he would re-examine whether the company should be split up by demerging its wholesale and retail arms.’
    • ‘One of his first tasks will be to demerge the electrical division.’
    • ‘Despite the prospect of a much tougher trading environment, plans to demerge its property assets have provided a support for the share price.’
    • ‘The last stage of its exit from the old business will be complete once its pubs and bars are demerged.’
    • ‘In the event that the merger has proceeded, however, it is unlikely that an order for it to be demerged would be made.’
    • ‘When this is demerged the operation will have relatively little debt shackling it.’
    • ‘It has more than fulfilled that fundamental aim and in reality, the EU has been moving to demerge subsidies from farm production.’
    • ‘The evaluation summary also stated that, in almost all cases, if a borough demerged its residents would be taxed more heavily for the same services.’

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