Dan Bilzerian — the “Instagram King”. The real-life “most interesting man in the world”. The man who claimed to have become a multi-millionaire off of money from poker. You’ve probably heard about him, but what’s the truth about this 21st-century icon? 

There’s no doubt that Dan Bilzerian has a lot of money. But what is Dan Bilzerian’s net worth? And did he make all of that money playing poker?

The answer to some of these questions may surprise you. 

Dan Bilzerian’s Instagram Fame

It’s impossible to tell Dan Bilzerian’s biography from the beginning. That’s because there’s a gap between how he tells the story, and what really happened. 

Dan Bilzerian is always posting photos of himself and gorgeous IG models on his social media pages.

Dan seemingly popped up out of nowhere in 2012 on Instagram — where let’s be clear here — he made his fame. He posted pictures of himself and his movie-star body, surrounded by beautiful women. He put forth a lifestyle of wealth, women, and wasted finances that caught young males everywhere by storm. And he rose to the top of the heap of the internet world.

Dan Bilzerian milked this fame for all that it was worth. The contemporary click-driven culture let him benefit as much as he could off of it. He claimed that he won his millions on hot games of poker — though any time he was questioned, his poker skills seemed shoddy at best. It mattered little, however, and he soon appeared on The Joe Rogan Podcast, did cameo roles in movies, and opened up a CBD company called “Ignite”. 


CBD is growing in popularity, and talking about it on the internet can get you a lot of clout. No doubt, Dan Bilzerian knew which sort of people his drug-fueled lifestyle appealed to. And he chose the right business to open based off of that. The business gained a lot of hype, and Dan rode the hype as far as he could.  

Bilzerian promotes his company Ignite, which is said to have lost millions of dollars. (Photo by Jerod Harris/Getty Images for Ignite International Brands, Ltd.)

However, when push came to shove, Dan couldn’t use his image to run a business. People began to see his true colors when it was revealed that the company had lost 50 million dollars, forcing Bilzerian to move out of his mansion. 

About That Mansion

Speaking of that mansion, Dan Bilzerian took a sizeable blow to his ego and persona when it was revealed that he didn’t in fact own the $65 million mansion he purchased. He had been renting the place out, and defaulting on his rent for a long time. 

Dan Bilzerian, The Poker Player

Dan Bilzerian claimed to be an active poker player before he was an Instagram influencer. However, as Ignite was falling, poker professionals revealed that Dan most likely didn’t know what he was doing, and poked holes in the story of how he made his millions.

His story? He claimed to have attempted to join the NAVY Seals, and after stress fractures drop out and turn to gambling. He claimed to have made 10,000 dollars at first, moved to Vegas, and doubled his earnings. 

Bilzerian is known for playing high stakes poker games and he finished in 180th place at the 2008 World Series Of Poker Main Event.

From there, he said he went back to college and continued betting, making over 90K a week. He said he entered a high-stakes tournament in 2009, where he eventually won 12 million dollars. 

This is the story he told to his followers who believed he had climbed his way to the top and grabbed a sizeable chunk of the American dream. However, more and more poker players began poking holes in his poker ability, proving that he didn’t know what he was talking about.  

About Dan Bilzerian’s Net Worth

Something Dan Bilzerian failed to mention when telling the story of how he made his millions was just how wealthy his father is. Around this time, it came out that Dan’s father, Paul Bilzerian, is an extremely wealthy businessman and takeover specialist. When you put this together with the fact that Dan’s poker skills seem mediocre at best… Well, the story seems to be clear. 

Next to the gorgeous, scantily clad women, gun are perhaps the most prominent fixture in Bilzerian’s Instagram posts.

There’s no way to prove it, but it seems that Dan Bilzerian made his money not by playing poker, but by doing nothing at all. He’s a trust fund baby of the highest degree. His attitude, lack of business sense, and lack of knowledge on how to use money are typical of people who inherited money from their parents. 

About That Company

Around the time Ignite started losing money, it also came out that Dan wasn’t running Ignite at all. Ignite was being run by his father, the sketchy-business-genius who’s currently barred from trading in the United States due to illegal activity.

Dan Bilzerian has been referred to as many things, including “Instagram Playboy” and the “King of Instagram.”

You have to admit, it’s a pretty good scheme, setting your pretty-boy son up as the face of a company while you pull the strings. However, you can rest assured that the brains of the operation weren’t Dan, but his father Paul. 

What Are We Left With? 

When you add it all up, we’re left with a man who inherited fame from his father, used his money to take photoshoots that would gain him popularity on the internet, lied about a poker career, opened up a business that was run by his father, and drove that business into the ground.

His business is currently doing better than it was before. Dan Bilzerian’s Net worth is 200 million dollars. But what can you glean from that? 

Dan Bilzerian is often taking exotic vacations with his gorgeous female entrouage.

The fact of the matter is, Dan would not be where he was today if his father never had money in the first place. It’s not even a case like Donald Trump, where he took a loan of a million dollars and turned himself into a billionaire.

At every opportunity, Dan proved that he had no business sense or money sense. He’s a middle-aged man paying women to take pictures with him and letting his Daddy run his business for him. What could be more pathetic than that? 

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