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The combination of proven and reliable electric motor with a lever system represents a simple and extremely reliable drive solution. It permits short opening and closing times without the barrier boom bouncing in the end positions. The lever system locks the barrier boom at both end positions. In the event of a power failure, it can still be moved easily by hand.
The complete drive system is attached to the barrier housing as a single unit, and can easily be removed from the housing by removing the mounting screws.
A built in spring mechanism provides a precise counterbalance for the barrier boom. The springs are factory set to correspond with the boom length prior to delivery. If necessary, the springs can be easily reset in situ during assembly, for example if the barrier boom is shortened or if signs are atta-ched to the boom.
It is also a simple matter to change the handing on-site from right-axial to left-axial.The Drive Unit
The barrier is driven by a torque motor mounted on a central cast aluminum support. This support also contains the bearings for the drive shaft, the gear box and the mounting for the counterbalance springs. The torque motor is designed for alternating current. It requires neither limit switches nor a friction clutch. It is maintenance-free and can be stalled in any position without the risk of damage. In the end positions the motor remains under power assisting the mechanical locking of the barrier boom via the lever system. This reduces the power consumption to a minimum. This power is dissipated in the form of heat, which prevents the occurrence of condensation and corrosion. This guarantees reliable and problem-free operation, especially in cold climatic conditions.
The built-in position sensor provides precise barrier boom status information to the associated controller. The self-learning control unit guarantees optimum braking, without the barrier boom bouncing or swinging out of the end position. The barrier is factory wired, tested, ready to connect and supplied with all necessary mounting accessories.The Housing
The housing is manufactured from 14 gauge zinc plated sheet steel on to a base frame of stainless steel, then phosphate and powder coat finished for maximum protection against corrosion.
Control units are mounted onto a removable zinc plated sheet steel panel. All of the components within the barrier housing are readily accessible through the maintenance door and removable top cover. The housing is supplied in an RAL 2000 orange color finish as standard. Other colors are available on request, at extra cost.Available Versions
Barriers may be supplied with the barrier boom fitted to either the right or left hand side. In its standard configuration the maintenance access door is positioned at the rear, although on request it can be any one of the other sides.The Barrier Boom
The barrier boom is extruded from highly stable aluminum alloy to produce an octagonal profile of 4 x 2.125 x 0.0625 and finished with an RAL 9010 white powder coat then applied with bright red reflective tape strips. If the barrier boom is to be any longer than 12, it is necessary to fit either a pendulum support or fixed support post.

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