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Hard work on customer service phones A lot of disappointed customers Poor managers who didnt support their staffHours of work were not too bad Good parking facilities

It’s a job

I worked here for over a year .Started the week of the back Friday sales and was extremely busy , costumers can be good but a lot were awful .All contracts are flexi meaning it’s difficult to plan for days off and you may work after your rostered time depending on the day.If you can get on management great if not it’s bad.New staff had it the hardiest as they were not trained properly and thrown in, however the staff l worked were fantastic and very helpful. You were talked down to , screamed at and insulted over the headsets l never have seen anything like it before .The turnover with staff and management is awful and they do not know what they are doing.A lot of serious changes need to be fast with this company


The staff, discount, canteen


Planning days off, management, no training, long hours, no taxi for night pack

Very busy/ instable hours

Hours were very hard to maintain a work/life balance with. Contract work so hard to guarantee a future there past the three month intervals for the first year

Fun workplace

I really like working at Smyths toys it was my first job and it was the best one the people in there were so helpfull and very joyful I loved going to work each day


McDonalds is around the corner


Standing for a long time

Fun place to work, long days though

People there were funWages are decentManagement were sometimes hard to findRelaxed environmentThe job is quite easy to navigate and help is always around


Friendly people, decent wages


Long days, management not very hands-on

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Fun work place

Its a good place to work if you like retail management can be tough they are very contradicting one will tell you to do one thing and another will say thats wrong and dont their was it can be very frustrating


Long hours late shifts

Great for making fiends

Very stressful and underpaid, some times having to deal with very unpleasant costumers, hours arent well regulated and some times there is not enough staff to help around the shop. But most of the time people working there are sound.

Management don’t care about there staff.

They change the roster at any time during the week and don’t inform staff. On one specific day I went into work believing I was starting at 5 (I had half hour journey to work), just to find the roster had been changed. I was now starting at 8. I was only text about the changing of my hours at 10 to 8 that day. They did this on numerous occasions which is complete disrespect to all staff, and shows no respect to any of there lives outside of work.

Horrible place to work

You would think a toy shop would be a nice place to work, especially around the festive season. But quite frankly that isn’t the case for this shop. In the interview management were very nice and polite but do not be fooled, that all changes when you start working. The management here is shockingly bad, except for a few decent duty managers. The senior management team are extremely rude and not pleasant to work alongside. They treat most employees with very little respect by speaking to employees like children in a condescending manner. They use the little power that they have to bring down staff members and be-little them. They find it amusing to give out to employees and make staff fear them. Also managers open doors late into the shop every morning and dock 15 mins for being “late” even when you are standing outside since 7 waiting for them (this happens everyday). Absolutely disgusted by their management skills because clearly they have none. It’s a shame as all staff are really lovely to work with but management ruin it. Horrible place to work. Definitely wouldn’t recommend.


Staff members are lovely but managers ruin it

A very bad place to work

I would not recommend working in smyths the Management are rude and not one bit helpful they make you feel bad for asking a question and asking for help. They also talk about you right infront of you as if you can’t hear them. They make you feel very small as a person. They also don’t give you any training just expect you to know everything and then give out when you ask a question. Really would not Recommend working there.


Long hours non paid lunches rude management and no training provided.

Cold work environment

The job itself is completely fine, very fast-paced, hard work on busy days but easy to get on with. 95% of customers are absolutely lovely. But theres a very cold and un-collaborative atmosphere in the workplace, some staff look down on newer staff and gossip openly. No sense of teamwork. Overall an unpleasant experience.


The unsupportive environment

Very poor work environment

Stores are ran on fear of upper management visits, 45 hours weekly for management (excluding lunches) so 50hrs on a normal week, however very rarely it would be this low, you are expected to constantly work overtime with no time in lieu, no work life balance whatsoever and this is before Christmas period, give up any hobbies or family at this time. Stressful environment with all staff in fear for their jobs and disciplinary meetings a very common occurrence for staff and at no point in my time there did any staff member say they enjoyed their job or could see themselves there long term. Benefits offered in interview are non existent and all depend on a very long length of service. Very poor staff discount when you take into account profits being made


It will provide plenty of opportunities to learn how to not treat staff


No work life, very poor benefits

Overworked under paid

Not a great place to work, poor wages poor hours, expect to do the work of 2 people in alot less hours, no benefits what so ever, sunday rates or overtime if your lucky to get some is only a time and a third, even night work, which is only higher rate from 12am to 6am, I highly recommending affording smyths at all costs


Everything about the place

no work life balance

took 2 months from application to offer. Salary was good but not worth the cons. No work life balance long hours. Health and safety is implied as important but in reality it isnt on the floor and the deliveries. Unrealistic expectations at times. Very little staff discipline. If you happy to not have a balance be a manager here


long hours heavy work load no work life balance

Not great

Pay is really good but the managers were mean and one of them made a pass on me and all the other young women working there as far as I know and that’s unprofessional

Work is what you make it

it was a fun experience to work with smyths. Senior management have a poor attitude to store colleagues and very little support by way of coaching or ups killing. At store level it is enjoyable, you work hard but have the time you need and required to do a good job. I would recommend the experience but sadly not for somebody looking at management or to develop themselves or their career.

Busy place for hard workers

Very busy place. Just good workers can working there. Always people working on the all positions. Sometimes it is very stresfull work because some customers are not very friendly and stuff have to be friendly all the times.

Hardworking, fast paced but rewarding.

Work can be either with customers or just replenishing the shelves, depends on if you work day or night shift. Its a nice place to meet great colleagues and management and learn from all of them. Its a bit fast paced but good rewarding type of job.

Good employment with good management

Nice job, not very stressful, friendly staff and helpful management. Good communication between management and staff. Working hours were sensible for type of work.

Productive and cheerful

I thoroughly enjoyed working in smyths. The atmosphere among the staff was friendly and inclusive and the managers were very approachable and easy to communicate with. Around Christmas time, obviously, the nights get later and with that the hours are longer but with the cheerful atmosphere among colleagues it’s bearable. The pay is good and you get 10% discount on toys, but not software.

No age diversity

Fast paced, energetic office suitable for graduates and those without family commitments. For a growing business that is reliant upon children and families, the work load and expectation is not suited to those with young families and the commitments they require. During my time there the staff turnover was very high for a certain age demographic.

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