Frequently Asked Questions

How can you insure quality at that price ?

Website cost is driven by the amount of time spent on it. At Webmarket we decided to enhance the process and create a proper “factory” to build websites. We removed all the blocking elements so that our web designers can go from start to finish without any other input from the customer. Our form that is filled at the beginning of the project has all necessary info for us. The limited interaction allows us to be very time effective. So effective, that you could build 4 websites for the cost of 1 if you get it from a regular web agency.

What if I am not satisfied of the result ?

Even if 85% of our customers don’t even use their reviews and are satisfied of the result, in some cases a few changes are requested. You can use your reviews to fix any element that you would like different. We encourage our customers to take their time to fill in our form, you can save and continue filling later if you need to figure out some elements.

Do you offer payment solutions on the websites ?

Yes we can implement MIPS payment solution. When using the E-Commerce option, we will guide you on the process of how to setup your account. Please note that payment option is not available in the Basic and Standard option.

What about the domain name and hosting ?

There are 2 possibilities:

  1. We handle the hosting and domain name for you. You get our high performance warranty.
  2. You buy a hosting and domain of your choice and send us the FTP & Database access.

If you let us handle the hosting and domain, you’ll benefit from our performance warranty: Your Google pagespeed test mark > 60 on mobile and > 90 on desktop.

Will you show me how to change content on my website ?

Yes, upon delivery, we will give you access to a video where we will explain how to manage your website. You will be able to check it out when ever you want.

I have no logo, can you do it for me ?

We can do it within additional cost.

What technology do you use and can any other developer enhance it afterwards ?

We build all our websites on WordPress, which is widely know and easily customizable in the futur.

I would like some specific features that are not listed, can you do it for me?

Yes we have both web designers and web developers in house and can build any feature you need on wordpress. Please contact us for theses specific requests. Please note that any booking engine is also a custom feature.

What languages do you offer?

We build both English and French websites. We are bilingual and specifications can be in either language. Please note that we do not provide multi-lingual website in our packages. This is a custom feature that can be requested separately

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