Walter Wallace shooting in Philadelphia: deadly protests

Stop this violence: Philadelphia police record massive crowds of looters as father Walter Wallace calls for peace

A second night of protests after a Black mans police shooting turned violent Tuesday, with the Philadelphia Police Department claiming about 1,000 looters targeting businesses.

The looting came amid Walter Wallace Jr. fathers call for reconciliation, whose deadly police shooting was captured on tape Monday night.

PPD tweeted, A massive crowd of appx 1000 is plundering businesses, warning people to avoid the area. The City Emergency Management Office ordered people of many districts to stay indoors except when required, citing widespread protests that turned violent with looting.

Police shot and killed Wallace, 27, in a video-captured shooting. Wallace s father, Walter Wallace Sr., spoke to reporters outside Tuesdays home and said the looters were showing disrespect rather than helping his family.

Stop this abuse and confusion, said Elder Wallace, Philadelphia Inquirer said. People have businesses. We just had to eat.

The shooting happened before 4 p.m. Monday when officers responded to a persons call with a pistol, police spokeswoman Tanya Little said.

Shaka Johnson, a Wallace family solicitor, said Wallace s brother had called 911 to demand medical attention and ambulance.


When you come to a scene where someone is in mental distress, the only thing you have to work with is a knife ... Where are the right work tools? Said Johnson.

A spokesman for the Pennsylvania National Guard said earlier Tuesday that several hundred guards were scheduled to arrive in the city within 24-48 hours.

Police in Philadelphia said Monday night, 30 officers were wounded amid violent demonstrations.

Around 500 people assembled at a West Philadelphia park Tuesday night and started to march through the area, singing. There were scattered arrest announcements in other city centers about 9 p.m. Tuesday night.

Protest nights came after months of protests against police brutality and racial discrimination in the city and around the country that broke out in May when a Minneapolis white police officer murdered George Floyd, a Black man.

Investigation into firing, officials say

Police commissioner Danielle M. Outlaw said she requested a shooting probe and the inquiry will answer concerns posed by the footage. Outlaw said she wanted to talk to Wallace s relatives.

I sensed and felt the communitys frustration at the scene tonight, she said in a tweet. Everyone will be affected permanently.

District attorney Larry Krasner said in a statement that his office will handle the shooting along with the Officer-Involved Shooting Investigation Unit of the police department. He encouraged testimony to visit his office.

We plan to go where truth and law take us and do so cautiously, without jumping to conclusions and without any prejudice, he said.

Police fatally shot Walter Wallace after crying to his knife

Officers went to Cobbs Creek, a historically Black community in western Philadelphia. They met the man, later identified as Wallace, carrying a knife, Little said.

Officers ordered Wallace to lower the knife, but instead advanced them. They shot several times, Little said.

Police also fired mentally ill people. Who do you call instead?

Wallace was shoulder-and-chest struck. One of the officers immediately put Wallace in a police cruiser and drove him to a hospital where he was briefly pronounced dead, Little said.

No police or bystanders were injured, Little said. The names of the officers fired the shots were not publicly released, and their races were not immediately reported.

All wore body guards and were placed off duty pending further investigation.


Bystander catches fatal altercation

A bystander filmed the shooting and posted on social media by nationally renowned civil rights advocate Ben Crump. The video shows two officers pointing their guns at Wallace and moaning to lay down his knife.

As Wallace walks down the street toward the police, they return from him and begin to shoot his guns. Both officers fire several shots; at least 10 can be heard. The camera pans backward as gunfire erupts, but before he crashes to the grass, Wallace appears to be some feet from police.

A lady, known as Wallace s mother by family members, runs to him shouting at officers as a crowd gathers around.

The video uncertain if Wallace had a knife. Witnesses said he had one.

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