History of 5K Gold Price per Tola(12.5 Grams)

DateGold Rate in Pakistani rupee
Today 25,324 PKR
Yesterday 25,269 PKR
Sun, 29th Aug 25,345 PKR
Sat, 28th Aug 25,345 PKR
Fri, 27th Aug 25,365 PKR
Thu, 26th Aug 24,926 PKR
Wed, 25th Aug 24,847 PKR
Tue, 24th Aug 24,805 PKR
Mon, 23rd Aug 24,811 PKR
Sun, 22nd Aug 24,501 PKR
Sat, 21st Aug 24,501 PKR
Fri, 20th Aug 24,557 PKR
Thu, 19th Aug 24,493 PKR
Wed, 18th Aug 24,577 PKR
Tue, 17th Aug 24,587 PKR
Mon, 16th Aug 24,623 PKR
Sun, 15th Aug 24,499 PKR


Welcome to the Tola (12.5 g) Gold Rates in Pakistan (Karachi, Lahore, Peshawar). The current price of 5k Tola (5K) in Pakistani rupee. Available according to Karachi (Asia) time (GMT+05:00). Tola in PK is a standard unit for measuring the precious metals. This page shows the latest actual prices of Tola Gold in the current exchange rate of Pakistani rupee (PKR).

The gold market and utility in Pakistan is common and source of earnings for the people. Gold jewelry measured in Tola is widely used in ornaments for different family events (e.g., wedding and engagements) in many designs e.g., Bracelet, Necklace, Bangles, Chains, and Dresses. They can be bought in PKR. Today (on 31 August, 2021) the 5K Gold Price per Tola in Pakistan = 25323.89 PKR.

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