They fraudulently advertised

They fraudulently advertised 5 free stocks and transfer fee reimbursement for accounts over $2,000.00. After collecting my personal financial information, it’s suddenly 2 free stocks and no transfer fee reimbursement, and added a 24 hour time limit to transfer accounts. Customer service took two days to respond, told me to do what I had already done, invited me to “reply below” if more assistance was needed, but there was no way to reply.


Webull might have the worst customer…

Webull might have the worst customer service in the industry. They utilize referral marketing, campaigns, contest, bonus deposits and or transfers to have customers place money in Webulls accounts.

You CAN NOT reach anyone via phone, even if you request nicely, they will reply via their messaging center.

I have referred several... I wont be referring anymore. I had an absolutely horrific experience trying to traansfer money to qualify for bonus stocks...after 19 days and no luck... I am pulling funds. I can place my money where I will be more appreciated.


Todd Derby


Worst trading experience ever!!! Do not recommend.

I have tried to login to Webulls website many times. It is extremely complicated with to many codes. After a few tries they block me. I have also tried to telephone their Customer Service. No one answers. All I get is elevator music for a long time (15 to 30 minutes plus). This is horrible and uncalled for. Any legitimate site would take care of their clients. I have other trading sites and I can login in just a minute or so. Also on my other site I can call a Customer Representative in just minutes and talk to a live person. I do not recommend Webull as a friendly trading site. I doubt they will try to contact me.


They will buy shares when your phone is off

I have had a webull account for almost 2 years. I typically have had nothing bad to say about them. I had one incident where I set a sell price and oddly it sold below that, even though the stock price continued to rise. Customer service was useless, so i ate my losses and moved on. Now i am completely done with them and will trash their reputation constantly. I sold out of a stock at 8:44, after calling my wife to check on the kids. I went to lunch at 10 only to find that even though my phone was off, webull had bought me back into the same stock at the highest price available. I tried customer service and they claim that I did this, even though I work in a warehouse and leave my phone in my locker powered off to prevent the battery from dying because of little to no network coverage. Now apparently I am stuck holding shares in a company i already sold out of, and they continue to either ignore me altogether or just say that I did it, even though my time clock reports otherwise.


Very poor service

Very poor service, simply a scam. Best thing I did was reported them to the police and filed a claim with refund_cart that recently refunded my losses, found them on google. This bunch got me to invest from a loan, theyre simply a scam company. Nobody can prove me wrong.


I have a account and have been trying…

I have a account and have been trying to with draw money from it and can not get any help with it. The customer service in the worst no one answers the phone they have no chat and they keep sending me the same email time after time .If anyone can help me that would be great. think If I get my money I will close my account. I am a 65 year old person trying to make a few extra dollars to get by and it is a shame that a co. like this is trying to steel from people like me.


WeBulls customer service is horrible.

WeBulls customer service is horrible.

Opened a ticket in the app for a wire deposit from 7 days ago that hasnt shown up. The ticket was automatically closed after 48 hours for no reply from THEM!

On the phone now... on hold waiting for someone for nearly 45 minutes now.

Take your money to Vanguard, TDAmeritrade or Interactive Brokers. This company is a joke.



These guys are full of sh!t. Ive been with Schwab and never had the problem I had with Webull.
Closed some options when their screen said the bid was $1.99 per contract, and they filled the sale at ONE CENT.
Already filed a complaint with FINRA
When I complained they even sent me a screen shot which showed a bid way above one cent then tried to say that was the bid
Total scumbags
Chinese owned company
Just glad I made a small deposit to open


Dont transfer your account to them

If you are thinking about transferring your brokerage account to Webull, DONT DO IT. After rejecting many of my attempts with no clear explanation, one finally went through. However, they transferred everything from my original 3 transfers(this was a partial transfer) AND the new request. This resulted in 3X share amount to transfer which caused my current brokerage account to show a major deficit. NO ONE will respond or contact me about this issue.


Switching platforms due to user interface

The user interface online and in the app is horrible. I cannot figure out anything about it. Im not a tech ignorant person at all, and the platforms are completely non-user friendly.


Be aware!

Webull and other online brokers such as Robinhood, Etoro and more manipulated the market in favour of the hedge fund managers. They removed the buying options and with these actions manipulated the rising market.


I have successfully invited multiple…

I have successfully invited multiple people, they do not give the referral stocks they say, plus I never got my initial stock, and of the 2 stocks I got GE worth $11, and SWN worth $3... the GE shows that it was a free stock, delivered on the 15th of Jan. But it is nowhere in my portfolio!


I couldnt sell

I couldnt sell and profit since youre mysterious down with Robinhood over GME. You piece of excrement.


Customer support is a joke

Customer support is near nonexistent, takes hours on hold to get through. I liquidated my position and funds just disappeared. Its been 3 days since the position was sold and the funds are no where to be found. Just now I deposited money and my account still showing negative balance. Its been back and forth for two days without any results. Absolutely the worst customer service there is. Do yourself a favor and go else where.


Retraction of earlier nasty review

Earlier I left a nasty review. However, the CEO actually came out and had a convincing explanation as to why their app did not let people buy GME. I dont know enough about clearinghouses and stock infrastructure to know if his explanation is truthful or not, but I cant in good conscience make a harsh judgement without learning more. I will update this review if I learn something. 3 stars = deferred rating.

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