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    Ive had at least a couple of issues with Fidelity involving technical glitches, but every time Ive contacted them theyve been very helpful in getting them resolved. When I had trouble making a mobile deposit by using the check scanning feature on the app, they recommended I make the deposit in person at their investment center in Mission Valley. So I did. In the midst of a pandemic, the set up is a little awkward. The office is dark and looks closed, but theres plenty of signage inviting you in, and once youre in, the lights come on, and theres just a bit of standing space enclosed by tables and any paper forms or pens you might need, a black deposit box, plus a video screen where an agent appears onscreen to help you while following any social distancing guidelines. In my case it was Gabriel, and he asked for my information, gave me clear instructions, and answered my questions. He assured me my deposit would show up in my account within the hour, and so it did.

  • 4/13/2021

    I have gone twice recently to the Del  Mar
    office of Fidelity and am forced to talk to an empty screen. Yet, my bank is open, the stores nearby are fully operational. This lack of concern for the client irritates me and I am considering transferring my investment to my faithful USE Credit Union. Safety is one thing, lack of concern is another.

  • 3/2/2021

    Fidelity no longer has any service for you if you invest with them.

    If you call and leave a message they call back 3 days later.
    If you wait on hold you wait for 1.5 hours--they do NOT have a call back feature.

    If you try to open a new account--even to fund over a million dollars--itll take about 45 days.

    Sad--so sad.

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    I moved my assets to Fidelity from Schwab after being there 37 years, due to the fiasco they had in 2008 regarding Schwab Yield Plus Select Bond Fund.  Schwab did not value my loyalty as 30 year customer during that fiasco, and treated me very badly.  I lost a lot of money cos of their lies, but Schwab only would pay a pittance, like 3% of my losses in my FINRA action.  They lost the class action and SEC sued Schwab, so Schwab being at fault was without question.  

    So I moved my holdings to Fidelity.  I started by going into this Mission Valley office and dealt with Andrew Bartlett, CFP.  He is very professional and patient.  I was in his office for 2 hours getting my accounts open.  There were other people involved too, and they were very professional.  

    Andrew also called the next day and walked me through transfering my assets online, on a form he already filled out.  It is done and I am relieved to be with Fidelity.  

    Goodbye Schwab.  I am looking forward to my new relationship with Fidelity.

  • 2/24/2021

    Do not let fidelity get their hands on your accounts. I invested over a million $ w the sorrento valley office. I did not trade on my account. However, I received this letter:

    This letter is to notify you that we have reviewed your interactions wlth our firm, and concluded that Fidelity cannot provide the level of service that you reqr.rire. Consequently, this is notification that you may no longer visit our Investor Center(s). Your account(s) with Fidelity Brokerage Services LLC (Fidelity) are being terminated. This termination is in accordance with the terms and conditions of our Customer Agreement, which states: Fidelity can close your account, or terminate any optional feature, at any time, for any reason, and without prior notice And in accordance with the terms and conditions in Section 16 of our Fidelity Brokerage Retirement Account Customer Agreement, which states: My account may be terminated by me or Fidelity at any time. Effective March 12,2021, the above-referenced account(s) will be closed. The account(s) will be restricted from allowing you to openl additional securities positions. However, yoLr will be free to close2 or withdraw any securities positions or cash balances tlrat may exist in your account(s). You maintain the ability to visit our website at

  • 10/22/2020

    I have been very satisfied with Fidelity Investments. Their customer service is the best. Every representative I speak with is polite, knowledgeable and competent. They overnighted my forms to pull out a very small amount of money from a different institution. Their customer service is impressive and I plan to do business with them as long as they continue showing great support for customers.

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    This review is for the location at Hazard Center.
    Basically, the employees at this location havent any idea what theyre doing. If you want a simple print out of your account, they can manage that, but anything beyond that, they need to call the East Coast for guidance.
    I was particularly annoyed that for one thorny issue, I needed to return to the location during East Coast business hours so that I could sit with a Hazard Center employee on the phone for a conference call with a bank in on the East Coast.
    From my understanding, this Fidelity location is the flagship for this county. Good grief.

  • 10/2/2018

    Worst company to work with in my history!
    I just want to pay them. Cant take money at the branch, cant take money over the phone after the branch gave me the number to call. When I called they said I needed to send a certified check and it would take 6-10 working days, they said I could pay by ACH,
    Tried that it it says my information is incorrect, its not.
    On hold now.  So far its taken me 3 hours to pay them.
    Never work with this company. Avoid them at all cost.
    So flaky.
    Its not brain surgery.
    Still on hold now 15 minutes
    Worse than the IRS

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    Two stars for the ease of taking money out on margin. But the rep had no idea how the interest rate was calculated. First the rep said it would be $10,000 per month on a $140K loan! What? Fidelity loan sharks?!? Then he got on the phone with someone who was not allowed to be heard on speaker, but who I could hear giggling at his ignorance, and claimed it would be a more realistic $600 or so.

    They also gave me the run around with linking a checking account to my brokerage account. First they blamed it on a minor difference with my name. Then when I successfully linked another account with the same naming convention, they blamed it on the other bank. Get your story straight guys. Ive had it with Fidelity Investments!

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    Wow!  Great customer service! The desk rep was extremely helpful and knowledgeable.  Make an appointment if you want to discuss your portfolio with an agent.  Nice little phone/computer station to complete your own transactions in the office.  A super nice plus because my home computer is painfully slow.  Cool safety feature - the pad under your chair is wired to the computer, so when you leave, it automatically logs you out!   I love that this office is so close and easy to get to! Brokerage accounts have no extra fees, just $7.95 a trade, no minimum.  
    Dont blame the office for the performance of your stocks.  Youre the one choosing them.  Your agent just helps you with the research.

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