New Delhi, the national capital of India is the most popular city in the country.

It also holds the tag of the union territory of India. It has a population base of around 18.6 million as per the 2016 census. It is one of the fifth most populous city in the globe and the largest city in India.

The increase in the population has led to the increase in the number of vehicles used for transportation purpose and with this the usage of petrol in the national capital has heightened. According to a report, the number of vehicles used in the city of Delhi has surged up to 69.32 lakh in 2010-2011 from 64.51 lakh in 2009-2010.

During 1981, the city had only 5.62 lakh vehicles commuting on the road. It is roughly estimated that more than 3,000 vehicles are added to city roads on an everyday basis bringing more congestion to the traffic snarls.

The petrol prices in New Delhi stands lowest when compared with other metropolitan cities.

Tax Rate On Petrol Prices in Delhi

VAT which stands for Value Added Tax is added to the petrol price by respective state governments before arriving at the selling price. A VAT of 30% from 27% is levied on the petrol price in Delhi and the residents of Delhi pay the lowest price to buy a litre of petrol as compared with the residents of other metropolitan cities across the country.

Delhi Oil Prices Updated Daily

In the first few days of the price update, the fares for petrol in Delhi are subject to changes in a few paise. This is of immense benefit to the public because they can handle the same effortlessly. On the other side, it may be hard to subsume the enormous burden of stating Rs 2 – 3 which would come after a change of regular rates for a fortnight.

We are delivering the petrol prices which are updated ate morning 6 a.m on a daily basis. It is recommended to you to keep an eye on daily updated petrol prices, before moving for your work. So if you are willing to fill the tank full of your vehicle, go through our website on a daily basis and keep yourself updated with daily petrol prices of Delhi.

Why Delhi Oil Prices Updated Daily?

In Delhi, Petrol prices are calculated in numerous ways, including International Crude Prices and currency movement against the US Dollar.

For Instance, when the US Dollar increases against the rupee, the cost of crude oil becomes more costly. On the other side, both petrol and diesel rates become expensive if the rupee rises against the dollar.

Todays petrol prices of Delhi, therefore, rely on the flow of currencies and also on foreign crude prices.

Apart from the above factors the current petrol prices in Delhi may reflect the dealer margin to the retail petrol margins.

Oil Exploration and Production Companies

An exploration & production (E&P) company is in a specific sector responsible for producing crude oil. This sector includes a variety of both private sector companies such as Reliance Industries, Cairn India Ltd, and public sector partners such as Oil India, Oil and Natural Gas Corporation (ONGC). Oil Marketing Companies (OMCs) then purchase the crude oil, that further manages oil from its crude phase until the time it is delivered in its refined state to the dealers. Thereby, the OMCs are responsible for refining crude oil into petrol and supplying the refined oil to the distributors. This sector consists both private and public firms. Although, the three PSUs- Bharat Petroleum Corporation Limited (BPCL), Indian Oil Corporation Limited (IOCL) and Hindustan Private Corporate Limited (HPCL) control around 95 percent of this workforce, while the remaining market is covered by the two leading private sectors such as Reliance Industries and Essar.

What is the current VAT rate on Petrol in Delhi?

The government of Delhi has nearly doubled the diesel levy to 30 percent and the new VAT rate on petrol is also about 30 per cent. Official data stated earlier, VAT on petrol in Delhi was 27 percent and 16.75 percent on diesel that received an extra Rs 250 per kilolitre of charges for air ambience.As international oil prices plunged sharply due to the pandemic of COVID-19. and insufficient storage capacity, revenues from states with ad valorem duties on fuels have currently been severely impacted. Due to a sharp fall in international oil prices, fuel prices for petrol and diesel were not increased amid hikes in the central taxes. In various states pump prices for petrol and diesel are different due to the variations in sales tax or VAT rates as well as other regional levies. 

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