All orders must be sent via regular mail (with the exception of PayPal orders - see below) to the address located above, on the left. There are two ways to order your products.
    1. You can use the blank form provided by clicking on the link at the upper left. Include Part Number, Description, Price, and Quantity.

    2. When youre browsing through this site, youll notice that all of the products listed are actually located on an order form itself along with every other product in that category. You can print that form out and fill in the Qty. (Quantity) space on the far right. Any Qty. space left empty will be disregarded.

All orders must be sent with payment. GMM accepts personal checks, cashiers checks, money orders or cash. U.S. Funds only. GMM is not set up for credit cards. Make all checks payable to : Gold Medal Models

Overseas Buyers : Cheques must have these three items : 1. Funds must be in U.S. Dollars; 2. Funds must be drawn on a U.S. Bank; 3. A computer-generated routing number must be visible along cheques lower edge. If a check is sent to us that is lacking one or more of these items, it will be returned to you and your order will be delayed. If in doubt, use a postal money order.


NOTE: Due to new government regulations coming into effect on January 1, 2011, we will be limiting PayPal transactions to amounts of $20.00 or more effective on that date. All PayPal orders not meeting that threshold will be refunded immediately. Orders totaling less than $20.00 USD can be purchased with postal money orders, checks (domestic), bank cheques (outside USA), or U.S. currency. Be sure to use some form of secured mail service (certified, registered, etc.) when sending currency.

1. PayPal ordering is just as fast as credit card ordering and will allow you to greatly speed up the delivery of your GMM products. If you havent already done so, you must first open your own PayPal account. To visit the PayPal home page, go to this site:

2. Add up the cost of all the items you wish to order. Next, add $2.00 to cover the PayPal fee. NOTE: Use only U.S. Dollars when ordering via PayPal.

(Example - One No. 350-22 (1/350 Essex @ $70.00), one No. 350-22A (1/350 Gold PLUS Essex Detail set @ $70.00), one No. 350-26 (1/350 WW2 USN Aircraft Parts @ $26.00), one No. 350-7D (1/350 WW2 USN Aircraft Carrier Decals @ $7.00) = $173.00. Now add the $2.00 PayPal fee: $173.00 + $2.00 = $175.00.)

Finally, add the shipping charge ($3.00 USD - U.S. Dollars - for USA, $12.00 for Canadian, or $12.00 for Mexican orders. Add $16.00 for air mail to all other countries.)

Examples: the final total for the above order sent to a North American address would be $179.00 ($174.00 + $2.00 PayPal fee + $3.00 shipping = $179.00.) Or, the final total for the same order sent to an overseas address would be $192.00 USD ($174.00 + $2.00 PayPal fee = $176.00 USD + $16.00 Air Mail = $192.00 USD.)

3. Enter your list of items in the Notes section of the on-line PayPal order form. If you cannot do this, send your written order to us via e-mail right after you send us your PayPal payment. NEVER use attachments - we cannot open many attachments for various reasons.

4. Send your completed order and payment to the same address you just used to contact us:

We normally ship within 24 hours of receiving your order. Of course, holidays and other interruptions can delay this by a few days, but almost never more than one week. You should have your order no later than two weeks after your place your PayPal order, often much sooner.

Unfortunately, were not able to accept other types of orders by e-mail or phone. We only accept non-PayPal orders via regular mail.

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