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“Our fundamental research is what enables us to identify companies that create real economic value over time.”Kathleen McCarragher, Managing Director & Co-Head of Growth Equity, Jennison Associates LLC

Current Price

As of 8/30/2021

Price (NAV)$114.95
Daily Change ($)$1.16
Daily Change (%)1.02%
YTD Return16.97%

Fund Facts

Inception Date11/1/2002
Net Expense Ratio1.03%
Gross Expense Ratio1.08%
Total Net Assets (million)
(As of 7/31/2021)
Fund Number2412
Share ClassInvestor

Top Ten Holdings

Amazon.com Inc. [AMZN]7.2%
Tesla Inc. [TSLA]5.1%
Apple Inc. [AAPL]4.9%
Shopify Inc. [SHOP]4.7%
NVIDIA Corp. [NVDA]4.5%
Microsoft Corp. [MSFT]4.1%
Facebook Inc. [FB]3.9%
Adobe Inc. [ADBE]3.4%
Alphabet Inc. Class A [GOOGL]2.9%
Alphabet Inc. Class C [GOOG]2.8%
% of Total Holdings:43.5%

As of 6/30/2021

Performance data shown represents past performance and is no guarantee of future results. Past performance is net of management fees and expenses and reflects reinvested dividends and distributions. Past performance reflects the beneficial effect of any expense waivers or reimbursements, without which returns would have been lower. Investment returns and principal value will fluctuate and when redeemed may be worth more or less than their original cost. Returns for periods less than one year are not annualized. Current performance may be higher or lower and is available through the most recent month end at harborfunds.com or by calling 800-422-1050.

From time to time, certain fees and/or expenses have been voluntarily or contractually waived or reimbursed, which has resulted in higher returns. Without these waivers or reimbursements, the returns would have been lower. Voluntary waivers or reimbursements may be applied or discontinued at any time without notice. Only the Board of Trustees may modify or terminate contractual fee waivers or expense reimbursements.

There is no guarantee that the investment objective of the Fund will be achieved. Stock markets are volatile and equity values can decline significantly in response to adverse issuer, political, regulatory, market and economic conditions. At times, a growth investing style may be out of favor with investors which could cause growth securities to underperform value or other equity securities. Since the Fund may hold foreign securities, it may be subject to greater risks than funds invested only in the U.S. These risks are more severe for securities of issuers in emerging market regions.

The Russell 1000® Growth Index is an unmanaged index generally representative of the U.S. market for larger capitalization growth stocks. The Standard & Poors 500 Index is an unmanaged index generally representative of the U.S. market for large capitalization equities. These unmanaged indices do not reflect fees and expenses and are not available for direct investment. The Russell 1000® Growth Index and Russell® are trademarks of Frank Russell Company.

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