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I agree we are seeing pockets of bubbles like in the EV sector, but also think the entire S&P is becoming exuberent. Even if you use the shiller p/e ratio which uses inflation adjusted earnings in the past 10 years to smooth out the effects of the Corona virus, the S&P is at a ratio of 34.44. It peaked at 44.19 in 1999 btw, so not all that far off, and way above historical norms.

Of course I totally agree the effects of the bubble are greatly magnified in the tech sectors but I think this bubble is most like Japan in 1989 where the entire index ran up to a p/e of around 60 along with sky rocketing property prices. I expect we are in a true asset bubble.

Im not saying the aftermath will be the same, but its the most valid comparison I can think of.

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Thing is, there are some really good stocks that are penny stocks and have tiny floats and make wild moves. It can be hard to find the good ones amid all the trash

Im in two penny stocks that are on track to go much, much higher thanks to their actual products. They dont swing wildly, though, which I guess is a good sign for an actual stock and not a pump and dump

(Theyre FLNT and EVGN if youre interested)