Kotak Securities now offers brokerage free intraday trading to their clients under the new Trade Free Brokerage Plan. If you hold a trading account with Kotak Securities, you can now do intraday trading without paying any brokerage fees. However, if you plan to use intraday leverage or carry forward your positions, you get charged brokerage Read more about Kotak Securities goes Zero Brokerage for Intraday Trading.[…]


This is an exciting news for you, if you are a daily user of TradingView Charting Platform from your laptop or desktop. TradingView has released their new dedicated app for Windows 10 and Mac. Improved performance, multi-monitor support, faster loading layouts, reduced CPU load, reduced memory consumption etc when using the desktop app. You can download Read more about A TradingView Desktop app is now available for your Windows and Mac[…]


Finvasia is a stock broker in India with a zero brokerage model for day trading and investing across all instruments. There are no hidden conditions attached to their zero cost day trading facility, you can trade brokerage free across all segments and instruments. Whether it is investing or trading, equity or commodities, cash or derivatives, Read more about Finvasia Stock Broker has released their new trading platform.[…]


Here is a good news for commodity traders in India. Tradingview platform has integrated the Multi Commodity Exchange of India (MCX) on their charting platform from April 2020. MCX is a popular stock exchange for commodity derivatives trading in India. You can now check this out on your Tradingview charts.   


What is the Fyers 30 day Challenge? The Fyers 30 day challenge is a brokerage refund programme offered by the Fyers Stock Broker to their clients. A daytrader can take up this challenge to remain net profitable over 30 trading days and get their brokerge fully refunded on successful completion of this challenge. Why such Read more about Fyers 30 day brokerage refund challenge. FAQ[…]


First timers often confuse between a stock trading account and a demat account. Seeing that, the trading account with some stock brokers is free, some assume there are no fixed yearly charges to pay. While most brokers provide you their trading account for free, their demat account comes with a recurring Annual Maintainance Charge. The Read more about Which broker provides a Zero AMC Demat Account in India?[…]


If you enter your password wrong multiple times, on any of the SAS Online Stock Broker’s alpha platform, the backoffice will set a block on your account. This is a preventive measure to avoid any unauthorised access to your trading account. However, you can unblock the account yourself to start accessing the trading account again. Read more about SAS Online user blocked, How to unblock user? Solved[…]

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