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Tahnee Welch was born in 1961 in San Diego, California, daughter of father James Welch and mother Raquel Tejada (actress Raquel Welch), and the younger sister of Damon Welch. Most of her childhood was spent between Spain, England and Italy, returning to an all-girls school in the United States.

At 16 she dropped out of school and left home. After a couple of years of odd jobs, she moved to New York and studied acting. In the 1980s she began her acting career in Italy, where she was cast in the lead role in Amarsi un po... (1984), opposite one of Italys most famed icons, the beautiful Virna Lisi, and newcomer Claudio Amendola. It became a favorite of the Italian public and is aired regularly on Italian television. Shortly after returning to New York she was cast in Ron Howards summer blockbuster Cocoon (1985), with veteran actors Jessica Tandy, Hume Cronyn and Maureen Stapleton. Despite the blockbuster success of Cocoon, she continued her career in Italy and Germany for several years, enjoying great success starring in the mini-series Disperatamente Giulia (1989), directed by legendary theater actor/director Enrico Maria Salerno and co-starring one of Italys most celebrated film stars, Fabio Testi, and Laura Antonelli.

Tahnee has appeared in the American indie pictures Search and Destroy (1995), based on Howard Korders play; I Shot Andy Warhol (1996), directed by Mary Harron; and Sue (1997), directed by Amos Kollek.

- IMDb Mini Biography By: John Dehority (qvs & corrections by A. Nonymous

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Daughter of Raquel Welch and James Westley Welch.

Appeared in Playboy Magazine [November 1995]

Left home at age 16.

Ended her five-year relationship with Jared Harris. [1996]

Prior to an acting career, she backpacked around Europe, taking jobs as a housemaid and a hairdresser.

[January 20, 1988] Was attacked and mugged outside her Manhattan East Side apartment as she was returning from late-night grocery shopping around 12:40 am EST. Two men knocked her to the ground with their fists, punched her in the face, and snatched her purse. Only one of the men, a 17-year-old named Elvin May of Brooklyn, was caught minutes later by witnesses and charged with two counts of robbery. Welch was taken to New York Hospital-Cornell Medical Center where she was treated for lacerations above her right eye that required several stitches, a bruised left eye, scrapes to her face and hand, and back pains.

Also worked as a clerk in a boutique.

Had a serious romance with Luca Palanca. They met when she was working in the kitchen of Joe and Joes Pizzeria, the Palanca familys restaurant, in which business surged when word went out she was Raquel Welchs daughter.

Dropped out of the Westlake School for Girls.

Had a difficult childhood with her mother and did not have a close relationship. Raquel Welch admitted in an interview with the Daily Mail (30 Oct. 2010) that with success, she prioritized her career above her children, often abandoning Tahnee and Damon with nannies while she took part in assignments many thousands of miles away. She also frequently signed letters to her children with her signature Raquel, like she would to her fans, rather than Mom and admitted how her kids would not give her an A as a parent. Their relationship was also written in Raquels autobiography Beyond the Cleavage.

Abruptly stopped doing interviews for the film Cocoon (1985) because she was tired of answering questions about her mother [1985].

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