Predictions and analysis


To apply your indicator with screener , please modify the section which i mention Start your indicator pine script & End your indicator pine script At the pinescript section you will able to change the ticket symbol. I only able to show screener result with 10 item in 1 times. To view more result, please go to setting and change stock list...


Need help with stock screener to find set ups for pullbacks on trends, long or short. Can pay for assistance. Trading long term 1M and 3M stock charts. System uses manual analysis to find support and resistance areas. See chart for markup.


CCL bullish wolfe wave pattern and bearish trend line with support and resistance levels.


Trend lines screener results of BNBUSD, BTCUSD and ETHUSD. BTC is in a good triangle pattern, ETH touched the bullish trend line and gets support from the line and BNBs bearish trend line worked as resistance to price. General market condition of 1H charts


USDJPY long.


Just noted XRP is doing a EMA(close) crossing over EMA(open) as i was screening on tradeplan , looks bullish to me Guide on how to use :






Apps (including gambling ones like poker) are made by znga-- typically margins on companies like this are phenomenal Passed some of my screeners a little while ago and I’ve been slowly accumulating I added a significantly larger % today. Feel free to join me riding this one up with a ~3:1 reward: risk :) GL HF xoxo snoop


Came up on my short screener as a potential earnings manipulator with poor fundamentals; ranked as 15/62 of the best stocks to short via my screener Looks like it has failed the cloud and once the CS breaks below the cloud it could really drop quickly Manage your risk; playing shortside can be dangerous! gl hf xoxo snoop


fellas, ONT/ETH trade. Buy In Buy Out Two rebuy zones in case of DCA. Good luck trading, bitcoin-089



Sup all I did some screening and TA a while back and I figured I would share my findings on this one: QVCA Check out the other idea linked below; Like, follow, and comment please! I am trying to post more now via the video feature to explain some of my crowded charts :) Manage your risk accordingly! GL HF xoxo snoop


Last summer I was learning about Stock Screeners and was playing around with the tool. I had inputted some very difficult ranges for several evaluation categories. I followed the stock for a little while and then gave up, only now following up. Missed Opportunity as it was a strick set of criteria (almost impossible) I had inputted into the screener. I...

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