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About Us

TFN is an open network which links potential donors to charitable cases and social entrepreneurs through live crowdfunding. We aim to raise money for small non-profits driving social change and help both individuals and businesses to combine their giving with others, to make a bigger impact. 

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TFN Team

Were always happy to chat at events, but until then, meet us here!

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TFN supports grassroots non-profits whose aim is to achieve positive social change for individuals, communities and the environment.

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Our flagship live crowdfunding events, where guests come to meet changemakers and support their work

Events run in partnership with volunteers, supporting non-profits driving social change locally

We work with corporate and not-for-profit organisations to host bespoke live crowdfunding events 

SFG aims to provide transformational second-stage funding to young but established charities

Upcoming Events


TFNs Autumn Funder will take place online on 22nd September at 6pm, supporting three carefully selected non-profits bringing about social change in the UK and internationally. The event is free and open to all, so join us for an exciting...


The Funding Network is delighted to join forces with Year Here for a virtual, live crowdfunding event on Thursday 30th September 2021 from 18:30-19:30. We will be launching five new Year Here ventures tackling issues from unemployment to...


The Funding Network is delighted to join forces with GiveOut and Consortium for a virtual, live crowdfunding event on Wednesday, 13 October 2021 from 18:00-19:30. More details to follow.

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