Bekir Yener Yıldırım

Yener has 20 years experience at the capital markets and real estate financing. He is the founding chairman of Appraisers Association of Turkey and held C-level executive positions more than 10 years at the capital markets industry. He has been investment committee member and board member of several investment funds and groups. 

Mete Varas

Mete has been a prominent entrepreneur in high-technology businesses                  -specifically in proptech-, involved numerous ventures as a founder, executive, investor, mentor or advisor. Hes the founder of two national/regional proptech communities  

Melih Müminoğlu

Melih, as global strategy advisor to the tech marketplaces, has been advisor to several early & growth state startups in Turkey, India, Poland, UAE and UK. He has emerged as a marketplace and large-scale platform & startup growth expert. Prior to setting up his advisory business, Melih was Business Developer Manager at Turk Telekom, and Management Consultant at Ernst&Young.

Tanju Günel

 Tanju has over 20 years experience at global capital markets. He got C-level positions at Borsa İstanbul, Turkish Settlement & Custodian Bank and Turkish Derivatives Exchange. He led several teams and projects including a fintech innovation for the settlement processes. Tanju also co-founded and managed a securities house and an asset management company before exiting them. He currently focuses on alternative investment funds.  

Mark de Vries

Mark has more than 20 years experience working in the financial industry and he has held senior management positions both on the sell-side at a number of renowned global investment banks and on the buy-side at hedge funds and asset management firms. His specific expertise is in the application of technology and mathematical finance to problems in valuation and risk management. His current interests are in the application of deep and reinforcement learning techniques in finance and data analysis.  

İnanç Yıldırım

İnanç has experience over 25 years in the industry. He led and involved in several artificial intelligence, telecom billing, fintech, air traffic simulation software development projects. Currently he holds Business Architect position at TMX Group that owns Toronto Stock Exchanges and Montreal Derivatives Exchange. 

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