Company History - Honeywell Automation

YEAR EVENTS 1984 - The Company was incorporated on 13th January, as a private limited company under the name of Tata Process Control Pvt. Ltd. 1987 - The Company entered into a technical collaboration agreement with Honeywell Inc., on 17th March for state-of-the-art technology for Honeywells process control and management systems, under the trade name TDC-3000 and/or Digitronic Single Strategy Controller. - Honeywell had also granted exclusive right and licence to Tata Honeywell to manufacture TCD-3000 systems in India. 1988 - It was converted into a public limited company on 20th June, and the name was changed to Tata Honeywell Ltd. The Company was promoted jointly by Tata Industries Ltd., and Honeywell Inc., U.S.A. - The Company undertook to set up a project for the manufacture of Honeywells TDC-3000 Distribute Control Systems in India, a leading process control system involving advance digital technologies. - Allotted 19,95,000 shares to promoters, directors, etc. and 19,95,000 shares to Honeywell Inc., U.S.A. at par. 2,50,000 shares reserved and allotted on a preferential basis to employees, etc. of the company and those of promoter companies. 7,60,000 shares offered at par to the public in November. 1989 - Series 9000 systems were launched to meet the requirements of small control applications and the 620 LCS programmable controllers. 1990 - Several important projects for TDC-3000 systems were executed and new systems such as series 9000 and LCS-620 Series PLCS for the smaller market were introduced. 1991 - Honeywells latest state-of-the-art Process Manager was introduced and the Company commenced marketing of smart transmitters in India which find application in chemical fertiliser and other process industries. - As a step towards indigenisation, a printed wire assembly manufacturing facility was established for the manufacture of high volume PWAS of two products lines. - During the year, building automation systems were launched in India. 1992 - The Company Commissioned during the year a complex integrated system for the TISCO blast furnace `G plant. - In April 1993, 20,00,000 Rights shares allotted (prem. Rs 25 per share prop. 2:5). Another 80,000 shares offered to employees, etc. (prem. Rs 25 per share) (only 79,700 shares taken up). - During the year, the Company was awarded and executed several important orders for TDC-3000 systems in the refinery, petrochemicals, steel, power and pharmaceutical sectors. 1993 - Honeywells new generation Automotion Platform Total Plant was introduced and the company marketed Building Automotion Control systems for Air-Conditioning, Fire Detection and security applications. - The Company successfully commissioned the systems for Tata chemicals cement plant, Indian Oil Corporations Hydrocracker Atomospheric Unit I and United Carbons Carbon Black Plant. 1994 - The Industrial Control Systems is the largest segment of the companys business, accounting for 80% of its revenue. - The Company delivered 28 and commissioned 21 medium/large TDC-3000 systems during the year. - During the year the Company was awarded the prestigious ISO 9001 certificate which is the key to the TQM. - The Company is the first and only company in India in the field of Industrial Automation and Control to be awarded this certification. - For the third time in a row, the Company has won the Honeywell Asia Pacific Regional Profitable Growth Award. 1995 - During the year Company successfully set up the Smart Transmitter Configuration Centre for local manufacture of Honeywell S 900 Series Smart Transmitters. 1996 - The Company established a new platform-SCAN 3000 for small and medium applications. - 17,61,997 No. of equity shares of Rs 10 each at a prem. of Rs 60 per share allotted on rights basis. 1997 - The Company enhanced its product portfolio by introducing process analyzer as a result of Honeywells acquisition of Leeds and Northrop Analyzer Division. 1998 - HPCL awarded Tata Honeywell a turnkey contract for off-site automation of their oil movement & storage systems at their Mahul refinery. - HPL has signed an MoU with Tata Honeywell under which all lumpsum turnkey contractors of HPL will procure their distribution control systems and smart transmitters from Tata Honeywell. 1999 - THL, a joint venture between Tata Industries and the US-based Honeywell Corp, has taken over distribution rights from Honeywell India for the systems business in its industrial automation segment from January 1999. - Tata Honeywell, a joint venture between Tata Industries and Honeywell of the US, plans to expand its industrial automation and control business to the oil and gas industry and to new power plants being set-up in the country. - THL was selected as the best affiliate/joint venture of 1998 for demonstrating the best overall business performanace. - The merger of Honeywell Inc and Allied Signal internationally could signal additional new business opportunities for Tata Honeywell, the joint venture between Honeywell and Tata Industries. - The merger agreement between Honeywell and Allied Signal would lead to a global technology company with revenues of $ 25 billions. 2000 - Tata Honeywell signed a memorandum of understanding with Group4 Securities to form a joint venture company to address the emerging need for Central Monitoring & Response Services for electronic security solutions. - The Company launched electronic security solutions in Bangalore. - Tata Honeywell has entered into a 50:50 equity joint venture with the International security firm Group 4 Securitas to provide central monitoring and quick security response services using electronic security solutions to residents of Indias major cities. - The Company is all set to expand its presence in electronic security solution segment with its new range of surveillance systems. - Tata Honeywell Ltd. a joint venture between Tata Industries and the US-based Honeywell, launched its Total Security Solutions consisting of sensors, control panels, signalling devices, panic switches and auto dialers. - Tata Honeywells Hi-spec Solutions India entered into an agreement with US-based PSDI for offering the latters enterprise asset management solutions process and manufacturing sector in the Indian subcontinent. - Tata Honeywells Hi-spec solutions ndia entered into an agreement with US-based PSDI for offering the Latters enterprise asset management solutions to the process and manufacturing sector in the Indian sucontinent. - Tata Honeywell Ltd. and Group4 Securitas Guarding Ltd. have entered into a 50:50 joint venture to form a new company called central Monitoring Services Pvt. Ltd. - Tata Honeywell Ltd. the Industrial Security and Automation Company, has entered the home and small commercial establishments security market with the launch of its Total Security Solutions. 2002 -Indian Oil Corporation ties up with Honeywell for its information technology re-engineering project Manthan. 2003 -Receives largest overseas order for automation of paper machine from Gaap insat Turkey valued at 1.8million USD with additional add on orders worth 1 million. 2004 -Tata Honeywell enters agreement with Gensym to sell automation solutions 2005 -Members of are hereby informed that the name of Tata Honeywell Limited shall be changed to Honeywell Automation India Limited and the trading symbol of the company be changed from TATAHONEY to HONAUT w.e.f. March 24, 2005 -Honeywell Automation India introduces Experion Process Knowledge System (PKS) R300 which features an innovative redesign of its automation and control platform hardware. 2007 -Honeywell Automation India Ltd has appointed Mr. Jack Bolick as the new Chairman of the Company. 2008 - Honeywell Safety Manager Attains Certification From Factory Mutual. - Honeywell Automation India Limited receives the Frost & Sullivan Brand Leadership and the Product Leadership Awards in the Indian DCS Industry. - Honeywell Introduces Advanced Energy Solutions For Industrial Power Generators. 2009 - Honeywell expands their Energy Efficiency Portfolio. 2011 - Honeywell Recognised For Dedication To Workplace Health And Safety With Two International Safety Awards. - Honeywell Launches New Remote Collaboration, Optimization And Operations Solution. - Honeywell Chosen By Krakatau Steel To Improve Energy Efficiency And Reduce Costs. - Honeywell Supplies Control And Safety Systems For Rwe Dea’S New North Sea Platforms. - Honeywell Boosts Smart Temperature Transmitter Portfolio With Enhancements To Stt 250 Line. 2012 - The Board of Directors of the Company at its meeting held on February 09, 2012, inter alia, has recommended dividend of Rs. 10 per share. 2013 -Honeywell Automation India Ltd is setting up an Industrial Unit for manufacture of Solar Water Heaters and other products at Gujarat Savli GIDC. - Board has recommended dividend of Rs. 10 per share. 2014 -Honeywell Automation - New manufacturing facility at Phulgaon -Board has recommended dividend of Rs. 10 per share. 2017 -Honeywell Automation India has recommended a dividend of Rs.10/- (ten) per Equity share of Rs.10/- each (100%) for the financial year ended March 31, 2017. 

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