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Dubai: Sheikh Hamdan bin Mohammad bin Rashid Al Maktoum, Crown Prince of Dubai and Chairman of the Dubai Executive Council, shared a video of himself on Instagram interacting with two of his camels, who are named Emaar and Fares. In the video he is sitting in the driver seat in his famous Mercedes G-Class calling out to his camels by name, giving them snacks as they came to his window.

“Come here Fares, come here Emaar,” he calls over to the animals. Fares comes over, sticks his head into the window. “Fares, get Emaar, go get Emaar,” he tells his camel. Fares gallops away and gets Emaar. “Emaar come here, come here, come here,” he says. She comes up to the window with Fares. They both take a little snack from his hand and try to go in for another bite before he tells them that there’s no more snacks left.

They kiss his face and chin, as he smiles.

Sheikh Hamdan has always been an animal lover and you can see how he treats them tenderly. The crown prince has a huge following on social media, especially when he posts about animals. He has previously shared videos and pictures of him with horses, giraffes, dogs, falcons, gazelles, oryxes, hedgehogs and even a little hermit crab.

The video, which was posted just one hour ago received over 350,000 views.

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