• All Customers / Members are advised to read and comply with the detailed terms and conditions mentioned in the catalogue, and if required, also to clarify with the respective outlet at the time of enrolling for the plan.
  • The objective of the Sky Gold Plus is to help our customers to plan and pay for purchase of jewellery over certain fixed periods of time. With a minimum sum of Dhs/100, customer can enroll for any number units during a particular period. The duration of the plan shall be 12/18/24 months from the respective starting dates.
  • Monthly installment will be accepted at any of the SKY showrooms in UAE, and the member shall also be entitled to redeem it on maturity at any SKY jewellery showrooms.
  • Payment of the installment should be made in cash before 15thof every month. Subscriber who defaults the payment will get their accumulated advances afteradjusting with the extendedmaturity date.
  • Up on Completion of the plan the member is eligible to purchase Gold, Diamonds, Pearl or precious stone jewellery at the existing markets terms and conditions as applicable on that date. Advances shall be redeemed only in the above format not as cash.
  • Members should ensure that advances made by them are correctly entered upon every payment. If any discrepancy if found it should be immediately brought to the notice of the respective outlet manager or head office for necessary correction and relevant updates.
  • If the member wishes to pay all the advances, He/She can do so. However, they will be eligible for all the declared benefits only upon completion of the plan and not at any time prior to the period.
  • The member’s signature as well as identity will be verified at the time of redemption/ maturity.
  • Sky Jewellery has the right but not the obligation to further verify the identity of a member’s ID or stop any transaction on a card if it deems an identity not to be properly established.
  • Sky Jewellery reserves the right to change the general terms and conditions at any time. We may provide notification of such changes through our outlets in UAE.In such event, the member may purchase the item at the Sky Jewellery outlet where they are a member of the plan, equal to the value of money accumulated in this account as on the date

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